We understand that running a modern business demands a tricky balancing act. Between keeping your current clients happy, mastering new technologies, and expanding to new generations of consumers – and all while raising a family or maintaining your social life – it’s easy to get swamped. Really, we get it. After all, we’re a business just like you. What business shouldn’t mean, however, is losing the fundamentally human connections that companies create, sustain, and serve. That’s where our team comes in.

We’re a marketing agency that believes in the power of connectivity: between Splurge and our partners, of course, but also between our partners and their consumers. As a guiding principle, we think a business should never have to compromise on the strength of its values or the size of its dreams just to compete. Instead, when it comes time to launch your business into the digital world, Splurge is here to offer you sophisticated tools and strategies without losing sight of your unique vision.

This is how we’ve helped businesses of all shapes and sizes increase their visibility and start meaningful conversations with consumers—all while offering service packages that meet the needs of any budget. Honesty, clarity, and expertise without the cost of a multimillion dollar firm. At Splurge, we make authentic human connections so that we can both grow together.


Looking to beef up your website design with style? Trying to connect more easily with consumers on Google, Facebook, and more? Or maybe you’re ready to expand your business without breaking the bank.

No matter your trade or experience with digital marketing, our team at Splurge is prepared to walk you through every step of the process until you see tangible results. No ready-made solutions. No corporate costs or hidden gimmicks.

Just close collaboration and clear communication until, together, we get it right.

  • We tackle problems—no matter how small or niche—with innovative, customized, and flexible solutions.
  • We provide nuanced and wide-ranging analysis in terms anyone can understand.
  • We prioritize our partners’ growth and fulfillment rather than sheer profit or slick optics.
  • We help our partners utilize complex digital tools, software, and analytics at flexible price points.
  • And we celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism of our partners—as well as our shareholders—in order to spread respect and kindness wherever we go.