A new brand built to share a life-long passion for automobiles, motorsports and client experience.


A Passionate Automotive Brand

With a mission to match every customer with the car of their dreams, from luxury brands to a reliable pickups, Essex Auto Sales entered the automotive market with a focus of sharing their lifelong passion for automobiles and racing with their clients.


The Challenge

Essex Auto Sales approached us with a unique and exciting challenge of articulating their new vision. The main objective was to develop an end-to-end solution for the many digital ecosystems that connects their services with their audience. The project delivery required a dynamic, impactful and consistent approach to the brand that was easily recognizable, independent of the platform. The goal was create a modern and impactful brand that was flexible enough to dynamically adjust to any platform and still maintain the mission, vision and lifelong passions at every touch-point: website, social media, digital advertising, brochure, t-shirts, accessories, etc.

In addition, the website had to deliver a clean, simple, and modern platform for clients to browse their inventory of cars, explore details of each car, apply for financing, understand the services offered and much more. A friendly, inviting, easy to navigate property that allowed any prospective client to easily find the car of their dreams and have all the tools and support every step of the way. All work had to be SEO Optimized with business listing setup across most credible properties.


The Result

After an in-depth reviews of the brief, objectives, roadmap and strategy sessions, the result was a versatile brand that captures the essence and passion of its founder and communicates this message consistently across all platforms. The final product was an end-to-end solution that solved and excelled on all milestones and helped position Essex Auto Sales as the premier car scouting and used car dealership in Northern NJ.