For Sail. Not For Sale.


A grassroots, non-profit organization fighting for the future.

Save Our Seaport (SOS) is a grassroots organization devoted to creating a new vision for the future of the South Street Seaport Museum, the Museum’s waterfront and boats, the Historic District and the old Fulton Market..


The Challenge

Save Our Seaport approached us with a unique and exciting challenge of developing a platform that would engage the local community, potential sponsors and the general in their efforts to minimize the commercial developments and preserve the New York City’s maritime history.


The Result

After an in-depth reviews of the brief, objectives, roadmap and strategy sessions, the result was an operational model that we apply to all our new clients. By partnering closely with the client, we developed a mobile responsive digital platform to share important news and information, share important documents, organize local events, provide different ways to get involved, and financially contribute to the success of the organization.